How long will it take to dry?

Drying time depends on many factors: type and thickness of carpet, level of soiling, weather, type of service performed, to name a few.

But as a general rule, expect about a half a day for it to be dry to touch, and no more than 24 hours under the worst conditions.

Wool carpets require more care, and must be given at least a full day before replacing furniture, because wool fibres absorb water vapour, and take a day or more to stabalise with the surrounding atmosphere, even though the carpet may feel dry to touch.

How long before we can walk on it?

It is possible to walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning, provided your shoes/feet are perfectly clean. But any dirt that is walked onto the carpet while it is damp will stick and resoil the carpet.

Also, there is the risk of slipping, especially when walking onto hard floors from the damp carpet.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend that you stay off it for a few hours, or until it is touch-dry.

How soon can we replace the furniture?

Any furniture that has been removed from the room for the cleaning is best left off for at least half a day (or at least a whole day in the case of wool carpets)

Any furniture that has exposed timber or metal touching the carpet while it is still damp may react with the moisture and cause a stain, and the stain may be impossible to remove (timber stains especially).

We place plastic tabs or foam blocks where necessary, under furniture that we move.

How often should we have our carpets cleaned?

Cleaning frequency depends on usage and the amount of traffic that the area is exposed to. As soon as the carpet starts to look dull or dirty, its time to clean.

Leaving it in a soiled state for too long allows traffic to grind the dirt particles into the carpet fibres and cause permanent damage, shortening the carpet’s life, and it may not be possible to restore the appearance of the carpet.

As a general rule, we recommend cleaning every 12 months. Heavy usage areas, such as Family rooms with young children and pets, may need doing 2 or 3 (or more) times a year! But areas that are not used very often may be left for much longer.

How much will it cost?

Many carpet cleaners charge by the room. We believe this is unfair, inaccurate, and encourages customers to compare cleaning companies solely on price, when there are so many other things to consider.

We charge by the square metre, with the rate depending on the condition of the carpet, the type of service required and other factors.

We can give you a rough estimate of the cost over the phone, but to give an accurate price, we need to measure and inspect the area to be cleaned. This is generally done when we arrive at the job, before we start the actual cleaning.

Do you use chemicals that are safe, and will not harm my family or pets?

Our cleaning agents are quite safe, and environmentally friendly. Some of our spotting agents need careful handling, but they are always neutralized and thoroughly rinsed out, to ensure there will be no harm to your family or pets.

Why do my carpets get dirty again / spots re-appear soon after cleaning?

Many of our customers have had carpets re-soiling quickly soon after being cleaned by other cleaners. This is caused by sticky residues being left behind in the cleaning process, and these residues attract dust and dirt, which quickly builds up and makes the carpet appear dirty again (sometimes even dirtier than before the cleaning!)

Often spots will reappear soon after cleaning. Again, it is residues being left behind, but with spots it is usually the residues from the spot not being completely removed.

Our cleaning processes do not leave behind any sticky residues, so carpets stay cleaner longer.

In the rare event that spots do reappear soon after we have cleaned your carpets, of course we will return and re-treat them at no extra charge.

Can you guarantee to remove all stains?

No. Some stains are permanent. The carpet fibres may be damaged or the dyes may have been damaged or changed.

We are fully trained in spot removal procedures, so we can treat the mark, and often get some improvement, but some stains are permanent and will not respond to any treartment.

My carpet is supposed to be stain proof, but it has stains on it and gets very dirty quickly. Why?

Some carpets on the market now are sold as stain proof. These new types of fibres do resist stains, but they can also tend to attract soil, and so can appear to get dirty rather quickly. They usually clean up quite well, but they just have to be cleaned more often. Where there has been a spill, the “stain” that remains is usually the residues from the spill attracting more soil to the patch. A good professional clean will remove these residues and the mark.

Also, read the manufacturer’s warranty: there are usually conditions on which stains they do or do not resist!